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Last updated: March 2018
PUBG at The-Party 17 Rules
Match rehosts:
If a significant number of players experience disconnects or severe lag issues within the first 60 seconds of the match the admin may choose to rehost the match, in this case the admin will announce the rehost and remove all players from the game in no particular order.
All players experiencing disconnects or severe lag issues should individually message the admin within the first 60 seconds of the match to make the issue known.

Teams: Every team will be assigned a team number which will correspond to a slot in the game-lobby and if necessary teams will also be given a server number. Teams that are not on their designated spots before the match starts will be removed from the lobby before the match starts. Teams that cannot get to their designated spots in the lobby because it is taken must notify the match host.

Tournament format:
Squad size: 2 (duo)

Matches will be played according to the following time table:
PUBG Match Timetable
Lobby Open Match Start
Match 1 11:00 11:15
Match 2 13:00 13:15
Match 3 14:00 14:15
Match 4 15:00 15:15
Match 5 16:00 16:15
Match 6* 17:00 17:15

With 100 or fewer participants: With 100 or fewer participants five matches will be played. Teams get points for their final position and kills when the match ends. When all five matches are played the team with the most points will rank 1st, the team with the second most points will rank 2nd, and the team with the third most points will rank 3rd.

*With more than 100 participants: With more than 100 participants six matches will be played. The first three matches will be played on multiple servers to which teams will be randomly, and evenly assigned. In these first three matches teams will get points for their final position and kills when the match ends. When the three first matches are done, the best 25, 16, 12 or 10 teams from all groups (up to 50 teams) will continue to the last three matches. In these last three matches teams will get new points for their final position and kills when the match ends. When the last three matches are done the team with the most points will rank 1st. The team with the second most points will rank 2nd. And the team with the third most points will rank 3rd.

Points: The points that each team gets for their finishing place in a match are displayed in the following table:
PUBG Point Distribution Table
Finishing Place Points
1 96
2 76
3 60
4 48
5 40
6 34
7 28
8 24
9 20
10 16
11-15 12
16-20 8
21-30 4
31-50 2

Points are also awarded for making kills, one kill equals 3 points.

Streaming: You are allowed to stream your own team’s gameplay. If your stream shows gameplay that is not your own from an ongoing match you will be disqualified.
Observing streamers that have made an arrangement with the organization must make sure they stream with a delay of at least 10 minutes and that none of the gameplay from the current match can be relayed to playing participants.

Substitute players: Substitutions are permanent, this means that once team member A has been substituted for team member B, team member A may no longer participate in the event. Substitute players are allowed if and only if they have their own seat at the event, have not yet participated in the tournament and the team still has at least one of the original members. The substitution has to be approved by the tournament admin.

Communication with the admins and organization: All communication will go through The-Party’s Discord server. https://discord.gg/AF97sPX If for any reason discord can’t be used, the admins are available at the competition desk.

Unsportsmanlike behaviour: If you or anyone on your team is reported for racial slurs or targeted harassment and investigation shows this to be true you may have points deducted from your score or your team can be disqualified.
Abusing exploits and bugs will be met with disqualification.
Hacks or modifications to the game will be met with disqualification.

Flare Gun: The use of the flare gun is prohibited, if a player uses the flare gun the team will be removed from the round. Repeat offenders will be removed from the tournament.

Server settings
Session title: The-Party PUBG (1, 2, …)
Mode: Normal
Server Region: Europe
Map: Erangel
Weather: Sunny
Perspective: FPP

Max players: 100
Team players: 2

DBNO Revive: ON
DBNO revive casting time: 10s

Circle centralization factor: 0x
Circle speed: 1x

Wait (s) Move (s) DPS Shrink
Phase 1 300 300 0.4 0.35
Phase 2 130 130 0.6 0.57
Phase 3 90 140 1 0.57
Phase 4 80 140 3 0.6
Phase 5 70 110 5 0.6
Phase 6 70 110 7 0.55
Phase 7 70 80 9 0.5
Phase 8 60 60 15 0.5

Redzone: OFF
Care Package frequency: 1x
Convert dead player to observer: OFF

Advanced options
Car / Motorbike: 1x
Boat: 1x

Sniper rifles: 1x
Assault rifles: 1.5x
Hunting rifles: 1x
LMGs: 1x
SMGs: 1x
Shotguns: 1x
Handguns: 1x
Throwables: 1x
Melee: 1x
Crossbow: 1x
Flaregun: 0x

Scope Attachments: 1x
Magazine Attachments: 1x
Muzzle Attachments: 1x
Stock, Foregrip Attachments: 1x

Med kit: 1x
First aid: 1x
Bandage: 1x
Pain killer: 1x
Energy drink: 1x
Jerry can: 1x

Bag Lv1: 1x
Bag Lv2: 1x
Bag Lv3: 1x
Helmet Lv1: 1x
Helmet Lv2: 1x
Helmet Lv3: 1x
XB:ARMOR Lv1: 1x
XB:ARMOR Lv2: 1x
XB:ARMOR Lv3: 1x

Costumes: 0x
Ammunitions: 1x

Ingeschreven teams: 5

Confirmed: 0/5 (0%)
BLOEMcOAL | курица 1Unconfirmed
ca-clan |Kip kip el shaladUnconfirmed
D'r KoempelsUnconfirmed
Pauper Squad 1Unconfirmed


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